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''How to choose Art for your Home''

''How to choose Art for your Home'' ''How to choose Art for your Home''
''How to choose Art for your Home''
''How to choose Art for your Home'' "How to choose Art for your Home" ''How to choose Art for your Home''
  It is well known that Art, whether literature, paintings or sculpture reflects the times we live in. This clearly indicates that your choice of artwork for your home should be endowed with personal meaning and universal appeal. Though factors like the right ways to display and lighting may seem elusive and confusing, but the whole process is truly enriching.

Here’s how you should go about in choosing the right artwork for your home:

Choose art you love

Remember that the art is for you and should reflect your likings and dislikes. It is a piece you would love to come back home to. Consider your tastes first before thinking of the potential art value of the piece. It is first a personal and then a commercial choice. Love what you bring home.

Be on the look out

Great local and original art is exhibited everywhere from coffee shops to galleries. If you do not find what you are looking for, do a quick online search and buy affordable art off internet portals.

Size matters

Pre visualize how you want your wall to look and how much space you can afford. Measure your wall size and carry a picture of the space before you go art shopping, so that your purchase perfectly fits in.

Variety is the spice of Art

Experiment with different mediums. Find the type of art that will work best for your space.  Paintings will add a broader swathe of colour.  Sculptures will add depth to the room, and mixed media pieces add texture or a mixture of visual elements. Vary the texture of the pieces in your room. If you have a photograph behind glass above your favorite chair, you may want to choose a piece of art on canvas for above your sofa.A tapestry of art and sculpture collected over various travels is a visible reference to your personality and tastes. It is what defines you and sets you apart.

Place it right

You’ve got your hands on a great art piece, but you can spoil everything if you don’t know the art of placing it right on your wall. A rule of thumb is to have the art fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall. Size matters — for contemporary art, bigger is better to maximize impact. Take care to center your art at eye level. Judging by whether you usually sit or stand at that position, select your eye level accordingly. If you choose to hang the painting above the sofa, take care to keep the bottom edge of the painting 6 to 12 inches above the furniture.

Do it your way

Don’t treat your artwork as just another accessory, instead aim to create a point of interest  in your room with your art work. Your artwork should seem to inform the room rather than be added on at the end. Don’t let the architectural parameters determine your choice of artwork. A modern and abstract painting may have an immense impact in a traditional setting that you may not hope to achieve with a classical landscape.

Colour it sure

All colours cannot go everywhere. Think about the feel of the colour in your painting before placing it in a particular room. Light blues and greens are cool and serene and well suited for a room meant for rest such as the bedroom. You might like to decorate your living room with more inviting, brighter and warmer hues. You may want to create a seamless colour palate with your painting, one that blends in effortlessly with the feel of the room, not seeming like a superfluous add on.

Have it framed

A frame can serve as a bridge between the artwork and the room. Choose a frame that complements the furniture and architectural features of the room.Choose a frame to match the wood floors or if you have gold lamps in your living room, select a golf frame for the art. A frame is extremely helpful when bridging the gap between traditional paintings and modern homes.

Play with light

The importance of adequately lighting up artworks cannot be overemphasized. After lacing the artwork, play around with your existing lighting and illumine spots to create special effects. A well-lighted room will attract visitors while dimly lighted paintings do ill justice to the art at hand.

Buying the right art is not a blind call. It is no use cluttering up your walls with meaningless pieces. Choose wisely and well, hunt for pieces that reflect you.

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